Industrial Waste Water

Extensive amounts of effluent waste water are produced during industrial processes. These effluents typically comprise significant volumes of particulate media, microorganisms, and other harmful substances that make waste water treatment challenging and more costly. Filtration is one of the common treatment steps in waste water purification. Cleaning industrial waste water can be very demanding as the technologies used are often outmoded and outdated.

Filtration systems used for industrial waste water treatment must be improved  to meet future environmental demands and regulations. Moreover, as water becomes more scarce and expensive1, applying water treatment technologies to recycle waste water is a key trend in several industries.

Crystar® ceramic membranes were engineered for the most difficult water filtration applications in terms of temperature, corrosiveness, and load, with proven benefits in the reduction of waste water disposal costs and significant improvements for industrial water recycling. Crystar filtering membranes are particularly well suited for filtration of aggressive water, which cannot be handled by current, traditional polymeric membranes or even other ceramic membrane materials.

1 The price of fresh water increased by 6% in 2017, as a worldwide average.

Industrial Waste Water Reuse with Crystar® Ceramic Membrane Filters

Crystar® Filtration Technology uses advanced recrystallized silicon carbide membranes to improve water recycling processes or to make them feasible in some of the most demanding industrial sectors worldwide. This unique, highly permeable material exhibits outstanding chemical stability at high temperatures and excellent compatibility with harsh chemicals of varying pH levels. Inherently resistant to corrosion from lyes, acids, and further challenging conditions, Crystar ceramic membranes represent a comprehensive solution for difficult water filtration.

Crystar® FT crossflow products represent consistent performance for inlet water fluctuations, hence a significant advantage over established polymeric membranes, given their proclivity towards degradation and irreversible fouling. Silicon carbide ceramic membranes in crossflow configuration can be used for the treatment of waste water with high particulate and organic loads, making it possible to eliminate high footprint equipment such as air flotation, clarifiers, and sedimentation. Thanks to excellent microorganism retention efficiency, the use of biocides or other disinfection chemicals can be reduced.

These benefits also surpass alternative ceramic crossflow membranes. Crystar® FT can provide high permeate fluxes than any other ceramic membranes currently available and can comply with harsher chemical cleaning operations.

Crystar® FT dead-end products  eclipse granular media filters with enhanced properties in almost every area. They provide a better-quality filtrate, longer serving components, lower energy filtration, reduced water consumption. The two technologies are practically incomparable.

Crystar® FT is becoming synonymous with water recovery and improved sustainability for waste water processing. Explore our success stories below: