According to the European Water Association, the global demand for water is expected to grow by 50% until 2030. Water treatment for drinking water production is a crucial process for ensuring that billions of people worldwide have access to safe and affordable drinking water. This implies delivering water that is free of particulates, harmful microorganisms, and toxic compounds. Depending on the raw water source (sea, ground, surface…), a thorough and consistent water treatment process is required, involving several technologies, from physicochemical processes to filtration and disinfection. Crystar filtration technology (FT) is a cost-effective solution for meeting the needs of future water demand at an uncompromising degree of purity.

Safe Drinking Water at Low Operational Costs with Crystar® Ceramic Membranes 

Crystar® FT is based on a proprietary arrangement of recrystallized silicon carbide layers with a well-controlled pore size distribution down to 0.25 micrometer (µm). Combined with a unique and innovative honeycomb structure, Crystar membranes enable excellent retention of particulates and microorganisms  at low operating costs. 

These membranes can be operated at low pressures (<0.5 bars) with excellent filtration fluxes, from 300 to 1000 liters/hour/m2 of filtration area. Backwash operations show unparalleled low levels of water usage, typically 30 to 50 liters of water per backwash. Furthermore, the honeycomb structure of Crystar® FT dead-end membranes is extremely compact (11 m2 for a filtration membrane of 150 x 150 x 1000 mm) allowing significant savings in installation footprint.

Last but not least, recrystallized silicon carbide material offers specific features that make it the best ceramic membrane for drinking water production. It naturally has a negative surface charge, which reduces the interaction with organic matter such as humic acid, hence reducing its propensity to fouling. Finally, thanks to their outstanding chemical resistance, Crystar® membranes have long lifetimes and allows the possibility to carry out harsh chemical cleanings whenever needed.

Explore our success stories of Crystar® FT below.

Products for Drinking Water


Crystar® HiFlo is a dead-end silicon carbide membrane with a pore size of 4 µm. It combines an extremely high permeability (25000 liters/h/m2/bar) with a retention efficiency far beyond the levels achievable with traditional filtration technologies such as sand filters. It can be used to obtain very good water quality in conjunction with complementary disinfection methods such as chlorination and UV treatment. 


Crystar® HiPur is a dead-end silicon carbide membrane with a pore size of 250 nm. It provides an excellent micro-organism retention efficiency and can be used as an alternative to polymeric ultrafiltration membranes, with significant benefits in terms of operating pressure, water consumption, ease of cleaning, and lifetime.

  • Arsenic Removal from Groundwater

    Arsenic Removal from Underground Water

    Crystar® ceramic membranes have shown a great deal of potential for the removal of harmful minerals such as arsenic from groundwater sources . Combined with an oxidation/coagulation process, an...