Nothing is more important than the value of quality water provided by filtration systems. However, promoting high-technology filtration systems in a market dominated by low-cost solutions with poor performance is not always straightforward. Fortunately, increasing awareness of recreational water health issues has challenged  the market to provide environmentally-friendly filtration technologies.Pool owners and architects are finally catching up with your way of thinking.

Revolutionary Pool Filtration

System Integrator

Crystar® ceramic membranes represent a new generation of pool filtration components. Made from the specialty ceramic, silicon carbide, this new technology enables high permeate fluxes at small filtration velocities. They are manufactured through a process that creates a highly permeable and stable porous structure of up to 40% porosity comprised of high purity silicon carbide with a well-engineered microstructure.

Crystar® microfiltration offers the most efficient dead-end operation on the market. Thanks to its specific honeycomb structure that alternately plugs its water flow channels, fast backwashes and reduced water consumption can be achieved. It can be integrated into modular and ultra-compact systems using polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride housings and pipework. The filtration membranes are operable in vacuum or pressure configurations at pressures of lower than 0.5 bar.

Crystar® FT is particularly suited to highly-automated filtration systems, where backwash operations can be controlled via pressure or time. Modern and increasingly affordable sensors and controllers allow for detailed follow-up and control of pool operations at the component site or remotely.

Crystar® Filtration Technology is a response to the urgent need for more efficient and reliable filtration systems for recreational water. Partner with Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s top 100 innovative companies, and add great value to your business. You will benefit from the support of our highly qualified technical team to make the integration and adoption of Crystar® filtration technology a success.

If you would like any more information about integrating our ceramic membranes into improved pool filtration systems, feel free to contact us. You can explore our products offer and use our calculator (coming soon) for a preliminary performance assessment of your filtration system equipped with Crystar® membranes.

Water Treatment Video

Play the video for a demonstration on how Crystar® FT ceramic membrane filters improve the water quality in swimming pools.


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