Architects and engineers regularly adopt cutting-edge technology to improve the capacities of existing leisure facilities and to bring swimming pools to new heights. Crystar® FT is a new technology which focuses innovation to the most essential point of recreational water installations: water quality! Furthermore, it allows the construction of compact and cost-effective filtration systems.

A Compact, Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly Filtration Technology Solution 

Architects & Engineers

Crystar® ceramic membranes are an emergent filtration technology that uses highly-permeable layers of silicon carbide, a special ceramic material, to clean pool water. This material can operate at high flow rates and low pressures, typically from 0.1 to 0.5 bar (1m to 5m of water column). This behavior is owed to the high filtration area of the ceramic membrane’s honeycomb structure, which can be integrated into a versatile range of housings. One single filtration membrane element has 11 m2 of filtration area with a dimension of 149 x 149 x 1000 mm and can treat typically 5 to 15 m3/h of pool water, depending on the Crystar® FT product  used.

Compact and light filtration systems can be manufactured using Crystar® membranes, which enable easy installation into existing spaces with minimal invasiveness This can reduce the costs of renovating existing leisure spaces and transform a dated facility into a commendable water-saving pool. These compact filtration systems are very well suited to the development of specialty pools in challenging locations. Bulky structures are typically unsuitable for rooftop or suspended pools, but Crystar ceramic membranes can support the engineering of bespoke facilities with sustainable pool filtration systems.

Once installed, the system can radically reduce water consumption compared to conventional sand filters, thanks to fast and efficient backwash operations. The reduction of water consumption for backwash implies a lower water renewal rate. Consequently, it has a significant impact in chemicals usage and energy consumption, especially in indoor pools.

Water Treatment Video

Check our video to learn more about the benefits of this revolutionary technology and evaluate water and energy consumptions with our swimming pool calculator (coming soon).


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Saint-Gobain's Crystar filtration technology provides pool owners with a filtration technology that lowers operational costs, reduces the environmental impact (water, energy and chemicals consumption)...