Innovative, Superior Dead-End Filtration with Crystar® FT

Crystar® FT dead-end membranes are high functionality products engineered with alternately plugged channels defining flow paths for the feed and permeate streams. The filtration membranes have external dimensions of only 149 x 149 x 1000 mm, providing 11m2 of filtration area thanks to their internal honeycomb geometry. This compactness cannot be overstated.

As shown by the inset schematic drawing, liquid enters axially at the inlet extremity by the open channels. The inlet channels are plugged at the other end, forcing the liquid to flow across the membrane coated onto the porous honeycomb walls. After flowing through the membrane, the filtered liquid exits the monolith axially by the outlet channels. The low thickness (1.9 mm) and high porosity (40%) of the walls offer low resistance to fluid flow, leading to very efficient honeycomb liquid filtration and backwashing.
Dead-End Filtration


To summarise, Crystar® FT dead-end membranes provide:

  • High filtration flow rates thanks to high permeate fluxes, typically 300 – 1000 LMH;
  • Low energy operation, thanks to filtration pressures below 1 bar;
  • Compact installations;
  • High water recovery or productivity thanks to the low water consumption of 30 – 60 liters per filtration membrane per backwash;
  • A robust and durable filtration medium thanks to the outstanding properties of recrystallized silicon carbide

These ceramic honeycombs can be installed in individual or multi-element housings that connect them to the filtration system. Please contact us  for more information about our housings offer.

Crystar® HiFlo

Crystar® HiFlo is a silicon carbide membrane with 4 µm pore size. It provides an excellent trade-off between productivity and permeate quality. 

Crystar® HiPur 

Crystar® HiPur is a silicon carbide membrane with a 0.25 µm pore size. The best solution to reach uncompromising filtrate qualities.