Saint-Gobain Crystar® Filtration has developed a new range of ceramic products for air filtration, Crystar® aFT (Air Filtration Technology).
Thanks to their high porosity and well-engineered microstructure, Crystar® air filters can provide very good filtration efficiency against particulate matter or aerosols combined with high air permeability. The excellent chemical and thermal resistances of the filtration media make them cleanable and reusable, hence a sustainable solution for different applications.

Regarding filtration efficiency, Crystar® air filters can provide retention levels from 80% to 100% for aerosols in the range of 1 to 10 µm (according to EN 14683 AC – surgical grade masks). The assessment of retention performance based on ISO 16890 is currently in progress.


Crystar Air Filtration charts

In terms of resistance to air flow, Crystar® aFT media is inherently very permeable. By a proper selection of the filter thickness, area and microstructural properties, pressure drops can be minimized in order to reduce the energy consumption related to the filtration process.

crystar air filters charts
crystar air filters charts

Crystar® aFT are available as flat boards with a thickness range from 4 to 40 mm. Special shapes can be machined to meet specific requirements regarding the filtration medium integration and use.

Thanks to the wide range of microstructural characteristics, Crystar® aFT offers interesting possibilities in terms of functionalization to achieve advanced air purification. Indeed, the filters can not only retain particles or droplets, but it can also serve as a support to carry active compounds.