An Energy-Efficient Process with Crystar® FT

Crystar® ceramic membranes have successfully been used as an alternative to slurry evaporation in the manufacturing and recovery of high-value powders. These powders or powder slurries can usually be obtained through evaporation; a process that consumes large amounts of energy and water. Crystar microfiltration represents a massive improvement in terms of efficiency, reduction in energy of powder processing, and concentration factors that can eliminate the need for more energy demanding evaporation systems.

In these critical powder processing operations Saint-Gobain’s Crystar® crossflow membranes offer the following benefits:

  • high permeate fluxes for a fast and efficient powder concentration process,
  • sharp selectivity thanks to the well-engineered and controlled layer of recrystallized silicon carbide,
  • the possibility to work in harsh environments (solvents for instance) thanks to outstanding chemical resistance of Crystar ceramic membranes,
  • long lifetime thanks to the superior abrasion resistance of silicon carbide and the special capping technology used in Crystar crossflow membranes.

Please read more about the success of our cross flow membranes in the powder manufacturing and recovery industry in more detail below.

Ultra-Fine Zirconia Powder Recovery

Crystar® cross flow membranes with a pore size of 0.6 micrometers (µm) have successfully been used for the recovery of ultrafine zirconia powder from cleaning solutions. This cleaning solution has a high temperature (70°C) and comprises significant volumes of chlorides and sodium hydroxide. It was hence too aggressive for traditional polymeric membranes technology.