Microfiltration Membranes for Wine Clarification

Challenges in wine clarification:

Crossflow microfiltration is nowadays a key step to ensure the sensorial properties and stability of wines, which are of utmost importance to the product value. The complexity of wine composition and its natural fluctuations require the use of robust membrane technologies, capable of withstanding a wide range of operating conditions, not only during filtration but also during cleaning operations.

Crystar® microfiltration:

Provide a high productivity, cost-effective and robust solution to clarify wines and contribute to their stabilization, whilst keeping the best of their sensorial properties.

Benefits of Crystar® Filtration:

  • High permeate flux,
  • Excellent permeate quality,
  • High mechanical and chemical robustness,
  • Fast and efficient clean-in-place procedures with low water usage.