Microfiltration Membranes for Coconut Water Clarification

Challenges in coconut water clarification:

Coconut water clarification is a crucial part of the production process, due to the high turbidity and presence of microorganisms such as C. botulinum. Being able to reduce turbidity while removing microorganisms plays an important role in the overall quality and safeety of the final product.

Crystar® microfiltration:

Provide a high productivity, cost-effictive and robust solution to clarify coconut water while also removing harmful microorganisms to improve safety and shelf life stability without compromising flavor and taste.

Benefits of Crystar® Filtration:

  • High permeate flux,
  • Excellent permeate quality,
  • High retention of microorganisms for a safe and shelf-stable beverage,
  • Preservation of flavor and taste,
  • Fast and efficient clean-in-place procedures with low water usage.