Enhanced Chemical Recovery with Crystar® FT Membrane Technology

Crystar® filtration technology is engineered from layers of recrystallized silicon carbide (SiC) at more than 99% purity. Consequently, the resulting microstructure features strong and pure grain boundaries and benefits from the outstanding inherent properties of silicon carbide. Crystar membranes are extremely resistant to corrosive chemicals across the full pH scale even at elevated temperatures. This represents improved versatility over any polymeric membrane as well as oxide membranes. 

Numerous industries have already benefited from the improved efficiency and broad corrosion resistance of Crystar FT® microfiltration membranes for the recovery of solvents, acids, and caustic solutions. This significantly supports concerted reductions of overall OPEX cost and environmental impact by reusing chemicals. In addition to the superior corrosion resistance, Crystar FT allows for higher throughput in a more effective and efficient chemical recovery process.

Food and beverage processors, for instance, use chemical solutions to clean and sterilize processing equipment as a critical step for safe manufacturing. They are increasingly concerned with acid and caustic recovery to drive down operating costs and improve the sustainability of their activities. Crystar® FT crossflow membranes are suitable for clarifying high-temperature acid and caustic solutions to reuse them as cleaning agents.

Crystar® FT is suitable for an extensive range of chemical recovery applications, simultaneously improving process performance and robustness, as well as the filtrate quality. Contact us if you would like any more information about using our proprietary recrystallized-silicon carbide membranes in your filtration system.